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Marathon Running Club in the Free State

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Motivated, passionate and driven.

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2024 Club Membership & ASA Permanent License Form 

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The sense of belonging

Often runners, who love their sport, wonder if there is any advantage to joining a club. They tend to take part in the odd races with temporary licenses, participating in plain clothes. When deliberating whether to join a club – the points to consider are:

•    You run with people, train with people, and make friends for life.

•    You have official club colours to run in. Importantly, you BELONG and have an identity!

•    If you are not a club member, you always must purchase temporary licenses

•    You get a license number that entitles you to participate in any event in the country without having to buy temporary licenses.

•    The temporary licenses could cost you more than annual club membership.

•    Membership entitles you to participate in all club activities, from time trials, club runs, social events, etc.

Having said that, we understand that you may not necessarily want to do any races but merely want to keep fit, so join us for our regular training sessions that occur every Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday mornings.

Beginners Club:

There is a beginners training group that is led by experienced runners from the club and beginner members are supplied with training programmes and / or advice.  There are a beginners’ group for runners who can at least run a 4km distance, at a pace of 8min/km.

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